FUNK mobile car wash

check out whats new at !!! Watch In HD got to drive the FUNK-mobile tonight and let my homie play with the camera and this is what we came up with grainy shot at high iso i think like 3200+

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jdm car wash
Took my car out for her weekly wash. Make sure you watch the end :D

Stanced Night Wash - Civic EK / Mazda Miata
Honda Civic and Mazda Miata at the car wash Music:

Life aint nothing but bitches and honda's
sub my new channel , i will no longer post on this channel. young honda enthusiast's shout out to the bro's for making this happen - cleveland

A Jdm Carwash | Ek Civic
Honda Ek - Civic carwash short video. Just a short test video i put together about my friend Tommy's Civic. Please let me know what you think about it! Still amateur on filming lol.