Slammed Hellaflush G35 Sedan

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G35 Custum Muffler Sound Clip Shoot & edit by Staddict
I became a new member of Low'N Slow Crew. We muffler video created to meet the needs of all of you this time. Low'N Slow Clewの新しいメンバーになりました。 今回はみなさんのご要望に応えてマフラー動画作成しま した。

slammed g35
lil clips of my car

G35 Sedan | 2JZ Swap | 600+ WHP
2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan with a Supra 2JZ swap making over 600 WHP. All work and tuning performed by Top Dead Center ( for Meeks Drift

Sean Rosendahl's Static G35 Sedan
Song: Bound 2 (Cavalier Remix) Instagram: @mattrosendahl @seanrosendahl