Slammed Hellaflush G35 Sedan

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Infinity G35 Drift @ KMS Drifting
Stanced G35 Doing some good sliding, Phantasm / KMS Drifting @ Rockingham NC Dragway Oct 6, 2013, Music Track made myself as well in FL 10 Studio. Дрифт

G35 Sedan | 2JZ Swap | 600+ WHP
2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan with a Supra 2JZ swap making over 600 WHP. All work and tuning performed by Top Dead Center ( for Meeks Drift

A G Named Gina
I did not take the photos I just put the video together --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Read Description --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- In a scene that may be becoming pretty repetitive, where every single car starts looking the same, it becomes extremely difficult to execute a car that represents your style and personality without looking identical to the next car. Stephen Stern has overcome that obstacle with this very clean and tasteful Infiniti G35 sedan which he named, Gina. read more -

G35 sedan (NICE)
a nice looking G that i saw on I-5.