68 Charger at Irwindale

Nice 68 trying to hook :-)

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Ricardo's Awesome Charger by ★Tyler Kirk Films★
Kami goes for a ride in my friends 68 Charger ★Tyler Kirk Films★

charger 68 on sema 2011
charger 68 on sema 2011

Montana Shootout outlaw street racing 68 Charger VS 67 Firebird !!!!!
Showdown in Montana, Outlaw STREET drag racing on the back roads of Montana. Please Enjoy!!!!!

Burnouts in a 600+hp 69 Dodge Charger!
Everyone loves a few burnouts now and than, especally when the are coming from a car that sounds as good as this one does. SUBSCRIBE! Social me: http://www.jondrago.com Feel free to ask me questions on twitter http://www.twitter.com/jondrago