Turbo Triumph Rocket 3

turbo'd Triumph Rocket 3 on the Dyno at Echo Cycle in Edmonton.

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Self measured, designed and welded .. Full Stainless a Steel... Weight is Half then Factory system.. Gorilla Beast should sounds like this!!!Nicely Wrapped,,

Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster
A quick walk around my amazing R3R, the engine noise over powers my voice for the first minute or so but it gets clearer once I turn off the engine

Triumph rocket 3 w/ carpenter race exhaust
Finally have my rocket 3 outfitted with MOST of the engine parts I want. Carpenter Racing 3 into 1 drag pipe, raim air systems uni filter and air box delete, power commander v and Dyno tuning. Still want to get the head ported and polished and a more aggressive set of cams put in, would go with different pistons but with it being such a low mileage engine I'd rather wait to get into the internals that far. All work done by the excellent folks at The Ride Factory, if you live in Tampa St. Pete area their shop can not be beat. Both for regular service and custom jobs like this. http://www.theridefactorytampa.com/ Carpenter racing pipe http://www.carpenterracing.com/products_TRIII_megaphone.htm RAMAIR Air Box Elimination Performance Air Filter Kit for Triumph Rocket III 3 http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/271385688021?lpid=82

Turbocharged Triumph Rocket III 0-150 MPH and more
Wanted to try out the GoPro on my Rocket before rebuilding the engine. There is a compression problem causing excessive blow by and crank case pressure. Not sure how much power is being robbed. AFR is also off but this thing still moves! When it's rebuilt I'll do another video where I'm actually trying to get the best possible 0-60 and 0-100 times. Didn't do that here but can tell by watching this that mid to high 2 second 0-60 and mid to high 5 second 0-100 times will be achievable. Not bad for an 800lb cruiser! Note: since the camera is looking up at the speedo the speed is really a good 5 mph faster past about 80 or 90 mph. What looks like 100 is 105, 145 is 150 etc. etc. And unlike most YouTube vids you'll see of people doing this my speedo is GPS calibrated, not 5 to 8% fast as all motorcycle speedos are from the factory making the bike seem quicker than it really is. This is my first YouTube video and first edited GoPro video just done with Movie Maker so nothing fancy. Would like to eventually sync two or three cameras and do multiple angle or PIP shots and some really nice editing. And no, I don't ride like this all the time, especially if any cars are around, but with a GoPro stuck on the gas tank that was kind of the point.