Attack Motorsports Spec Miata At Road Atlanta 7-15-12

First time at Road Atlanta using a 130k junkyard motor. Loose at 23.

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thunderhill 2nd place spec e30
BTM Motorwerks driver Michael shawhan Racing at Thunderhill Raceway park. didn't edit the video so the start is around 11 min in. video cuts out with 1 lap left... I didn't catch him

Spec Miata Battle | Visor Cam HD | Kenton Koch
Kenton Koch driving Dave Dunning's Spec Miata, in the ICSCC Chicane Challenge 1 Hour Enduro. Kenton gets in for the second stint of the enduro following Dave. He reals in Spec Miata veteran Will Schrader and has a great battle, until some lap traffic come in the way. A small off in turn 12 at Portland International Raceway, and Kenton gets away unscathed, but far behind Will. All in all a fun day and some great driving, jumping in a car he had never driven before.

March 11, 2012 Road Atlanta Miata Crash - NASA HPDE 2 group
This 2003 Miata Shinsen Edition was a brand new build by OPM Autosports in Cumming, GA. They installed cage, seat, Schroth 6 point harness, SPA AFFF 6 nozzle fire suppression system, radiator, brake lines, tow hooks and much more. They also oversaw the painting of the interior and hard top. Their workmanship is beyond reproach. It really was the coolest looking track Miata I had ever seen -- which makes this story so sad (OPM also did ride height, corner weights and alignment for Spec Miata class and provided track side support for this NASA SE event). I was in HPDE 2 group (one step above beginners). I waited three months for the build to complete. I promised myself I would not wreck on the very first weekend I had the car back but ... I did. I hit the inside wall after T3 pretty hard. Personally, I think I went to full throttle too soon at T3. If I had just waited a few tenths longer until the right rear tire had cleared the curbing before mashing the throttle, I think I would have been ok. It's a painful lesson. Here are pics of car after repairs - better than new!!

Miata at Road Atlanta GoPro Hero3 Incar Onboard Track Day
hero 3 black on 1080p at 30fps mounted to the roll bar. This was an MVP Track Time event. I couldn't do better than 2 minutes flat. car has no motor work besides big radiator. Raceland coils, 195/50r15 Potenza re-11s at 30psi cold, hawk dtc-60 pads all around, motul brake fluid.