Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Off-Road Wheeling

What you have here is an example of what you should be doing with your Diesel Ram. This footage is only a small portion of where Jon has squeezed his Ram while following the trail of Jeeps. This video is dedicated to all my YouTube fans out there that don't want gay music threaded in with the video. Enjoy.

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Dodge Cummins to the rescue!!
A geo tracker attempts to go mudding and is instantly hung up. A 1994 Dodge Ram Cummins comes to the rescue and yanks it out with some serious force. This is what Penn College Students that mud and know where this spot is do for fun. The 4 wheeler is having some fun at the end. There was a clip of my video of the Cummins pulling out the Geo on Jay Leno's Internet success or failure 10/15/2010 and mine was the success!

Jeep vs Hummer vs Cummins Off-roading
Trial competition. Riverton, WY. Ford Bronco vs Dodge 2500 with Cummins turbo Diesel vs Hummer H3 vs Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ competing in Euro style Trial Competition.

Ram 2500 Megacab 6.7 cummins off road in North Ossetia-Alania, Russia. "Alanian Heritage"
Экспедиция состоялась в Августе-Сентябре 2016 года Ram 2500 Cummins 6.7 EGR/DPF delete, FLO-PRO Cat&DPF delete pipe + Magnaflow 16380 5" filter-back Exhaust system + Race ME Performance +120HP, Fass 150 + heaters, Webasto 90ST, Amsoil Oil Bypass, Fleece Coolant Bypass, Fleece Fuel Filter Delete, additional 25 gallon fuel tank, Mag-hytec transmission pan, Edge Insight CTS2, Derale 15960 Transmission cooler, 2xDEKA Intimidator AGM Batteries, curved 52 inch led bar Gear Ratio 3.42, 34" Nitto tires Mods upcoming: 3" Carli Suspension, 37 Toyo tires, Method Mesh wheels, 4.1 gears, Dynatrac Free Spin hubs, Locking differentials, Line X coating, Water/Methanol injection, ARP studs, Smarty +200 HP, AEV front bumper, AEV raised air intake, 4xHella Luminator xenon, DiamondBack HD cover.

Cummins Mudding
This is mike in his dodge cummins taking it through some swamps...blew the serpintine belt off doing it