johns burnout in front of a cop

at burger bowl back in high school

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Borgeson Car Show 2013 - Best Burnouts
Thanks for a million views! Best of the Best burnouts: THE 2014 BURNOUTS ARE HERE! Watch 2013's without music here: The best burnouts of the 15th Annual Borgeson Hot Rod Gathering & Open House (Oct. 27, 2013). Now in full HD! This is held annually around the end of October on a Sunday in eastern Torrington, CT. It's been really awesome there. Enjoy! Check out my website! Woo! Follow me on Twitch!

cop ramming the jeep part 2
Cop pushing the jeep off the road The track bar broke while we were rounding the corner. Since the front axle was then free to move side to side, we basically lost steering. Hitting the bank, flipping off the rock, and landing on the "roof". Hit that rock just before that small tree/shrub and it kicked us out away from the wall at about 30ish mph... We landed perfectly on the roll cage, perfectly flat, upside down... Rusty's track bar was to blame for the accident.

Crazy Mercedes C63 AMG does Huge Burnout in front of Police!
This driver of this Mercedes C63 AMG decided to perform a huge burnout in front of the police in London, not the smartest or cheapest idea I am sure. After lighting up the rear tyres and kicking the tail out the police decide enough is enough, and at the end you can hear they take down the registration of the cars. I think a police fine will be on the way! Please do comment, like and subscribe to JBB013 for more supercar videos. Intro Music: "Dustsucker" - MachinimaSound - License:

Waking up the neighbors
Was gonna repave the driveway anyway...