supra sierra sigge leker

Titan Motorsport rs500 cosworth 2jz-gte supra sierra ford

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Ford Sierra Turbo vs BMW E36 Turbo drag race
Drag Racing Moldova 2016. Stage 1. 480 HP Ford Sierra turbo vs 500 HP BMW E36 turbo drag race. Enjoy! Thanks for watching and don't miss to subscribe to my YouTube channel! YouTube page: Facebook page: VK page: VK drag racing page: Twitter page:

Strangly sounding Ford Sierra
Anyone want to guess what engine?


Skogenracing: Projekt 50k - 629hp @ the wheels
Re-tuned now, instead of 437hp @ the wheels with 1.3bar of Boost it know manage 629hp @ the wheels on just 1.25 bar of bost. These are the changes: 2800cc, ported head, changed Exhaust camshaft