Rotary AE86 - 18a (12a triple rotor)

Brendan Dunckers D1 spec AE86 with custom built triple rotor 12a (18a). At Taupo Motorsport Park, New Zealand for NZ Drift series 2009

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Hugo Maclean, 20b Rotary AE85 Corolla - D1NZ Round 3 Tauranga, 2012/13 Season
Find Us On Facebook Hugo Maclean's rotary powered AE85 tearing up Baypark, 20b N/A goodness! D1NZ Round 3 Tauranga, 2012/13 Season. Dont Miss The Action.

SSR Real Drift vol.1
ドリラジサーキット仙台SSRでの走行動画です。 制作 GreenPeaceDesign.

Best Of Rotary Sounds
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新旧86対決vol.2 NEW86 vs AE86 in Suzuka Circuit!
レクサス新型SUPER GT500車両ファンの前で初走行 AE86とNEW86が鈴鹿サーキットで対決! ドライバーは飯田章対西川! 勝つのはどっちだ! 鈴鹿サーキットの映像は気分がいいぞ! NEW86 and AE86 showdown at Suzuka Circuit! Driver Akira Iida pair Nishikawa! Win It 's Which! Feel good a picture of Suzuka Circuit!