Ion Redline 07

Run Dyno Ion Redline 254.55 WHP et 231.86 lbs torque

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Stage II Saturn Ion RedLine Dyno
I know that everyone is going to doubt this...they already have, so go ahead and say what you want. The Dyno run was at Murillo Motorsports in San Antonio. Thus the numbers should be legitimate. I was expecting 260ish, but here you go:

03 Mustang Cobra vs. 05 Viper S/C

Subaru Legacy GT vs Ion Redline
Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT and Redline run from a 1st gear(~25 mph)roll. Both cars had 2 passengers. Correction on Legacy mods. The owner clarified- The car is stg. 2.5. Which eguals stg.2 plus top mount Intercooler, intake, and a mild protune but no cat back Exhaust. It is also a sportshift automatic.

Ion Redline Dyno
Dyno at 235whp and 219wtq. Dyno was slightly off in my opinion and others. i should be in the 240whp range