Ion Redline 07

Run Dyno Ion Redline 254.55 WHP et 231.86 lbs torque

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Stage II Saturn Ion RedLine Dyno
I know that everyone is going to doubt this...they already have, so go ahead and say what you want. The Dyno run was at Murillo Motorsports in San Antonio. Thus the numbers should be legitimate. I was expecting 260ish, but here you go:

03 Mustang Cobra vs. 05 Viper S/C

Ion Redline vs. Mustang.mpg
Ion Redline: 14.21 @ 104.08 mph Mustang: 13.999 @ 98.18 mph

Saturn Ion Redline Cobra Heat Exchanger Installed
Installed / Bled Cobra Heat Exchanger + new Intercooler pump. Screw Option B - this is how you bleed a system! ;)