Tutorial - Fan Belts for model cars (02.15.09)

Another update for february on my 66' chevelle wagon & a tutorial on how to make fan belts for your model cars. Enjoy & thank you all for watching, peace!!

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How To Run Brake Lines On Your 1/24 , 1/25 Scale Model
Brake line/ system installation on a model car

Some closeups of models that are in my other vids.The yellowish parts are resin cast peices i made for junkers/junkyard.

Tutorial - Seat Belts for Model Cars (05.16.09)
Here is another tutorial this time I'm showing you model builders how to make realistic seatbelts for your model cars. Hope this this helps you guys out. Enjoy & thanks for watching. Peace!

Model Car Tips
These tips i made for ways to save money, and recycle things you use around the house. Hope you enjoy, if you eny questions or concerns, just leave me a comment below, thanks for watching.