2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Drifting - Ferrari Facebook 8,000,000

FERRARI IS A LEADER ON SOCIAL NETWORKS FIRST ON G+ AND 8 MILLION FANS ON FACEBOOK Maranello, 26 April 2012 - Ferrari is the main protagonist even on social networks. This fact is confirmed by the numbers: the brand of the Prancing Horse is the leading player in the automotive sector and the most popular in the general classification. A couple of days ago the Facebook page passed the goal of eight million fans, and, to celebrate, Ferrari commissioned a special video of the 458 Italia "drawing" the number 8,000,000 on the steering pad at the Fiorano race track, which was dedicated to every one of them. The growth of the Google network G+ is another success for Ferrari: here the Prancing Horse holds first position with over half a million fans, a number, which has grown tenfold in the first quarter of 2012. But there is even more: the Ferrari brand, which has been present for a short time on one of the most important social networks in China, Weibo, has immediately turned into the most popular of its segment. Whether it is for the road cars or the racing cars, the worldwide popularity of the brand is confirmed every day, even online. The fans from the Prancing Horse don't just click on in traditional Ferrari markets such as the USA, Great Britain, Italy and Spain, but also in huge numbers in emerging countries such as India and Brazil, travelling virtually to Maranello from places as far as Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu, as well as from places facing difficult times such as Afghanistan and Libya, or culturally different places like Iran. The fans of racing and cars have many possibilities to directly express their enthusiasm, their opinions and, sometimes, their criticisms, for example on Twitter: on four different Twitter accounts -@insideferrari for the activities of the Scuderia, @ferrariraces for the Ferrari Challenge single-marque championship, @insideFDA for the Ferrari Driver Academy and @ferrarimagazine for the official magazine. The official Ferrari channels show the great determination of the Prancing Horse to maintain a direct contact with the fans all over the world. And then there is the website ferrari.com, with millions of visitors every month in seven languages, including Chinese and Japanese, with news from the world of Formula 1, to road cars and a section dedicated to the clients of the Prancing Horse. ends...

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