Golf V TDI 125kw COLD START -20c

it has been standing two days in -30c. Not plugged in, so it was cold as hell. (Offcourse battery was dead). Sorry for my bad english.

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Golf 20 TDI Cold Start -13
Italy Valsavarenche (Val D'Aosta) 2000 m. January 2010 ( Information also available in English ) Nella notte la temperatura è scesa a -21, alcune macchine (non VW..) con gasolio invernale sono rimaste comunque bloccate per il gasolio congelato! Utilizzato gasolio invernale + STP antigelo. Das Auto In the night the temperature was at least - 20-21 C. and so in the morning some cars, (not VW) with winter diesel, however were stopped due to frozen gasoline. I filled up the Golf with winter diesel plus STP antifreeze (additive)

Brand New VW GOLF TDI Diesel Cold Weather Starting Test
SOUTHLAND VOLKSWAGEN in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada tests the cold weather starting of a BRAND NEW VW Golf TDI Diesel at -30. This diesel car had been sitting outside at this temperature for several days and was not plugged in or started during this time.

1993 VW Golf 1,9 TurboDiesel Cold Start
I just replaced the clutch on this old Golf diesel, and did a quick cold start of it. The glowplugs are only 1 year old, but still it has trouble starting in cold weather.

Cold start Golf 1.9TDI diesel -20 C
After sitting for about 24 hours in the cold... About -15 C during the day and -25 C during the night... Vw Golf 2002 1.9 TDI stock