Golf V TDI 125kw COLD START -20c

it has been standing two days in -30c. Not plugged in, so it was cold as hell. (Offcourse battery was dead). Sorry for my bad english.

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Golf 20 TDI Cold Start -13
Italy Valsavarenche (Val D'Aosta) 2000 m. January 2010 ( Information also available in English ) Nella notte la temperatura è scesa a -21, alcune macchine (non VW..) con gasolio invernale sono rimaste comunque bloccate per il gasolio congelato! Utilizzato gasolio invernale + STP antigelo. Das Auto In the night the temperature was at least - 20-21 C. and so in the morning some cars, (not VW) with winter diesel, however were stopped due to frozen gasoline. I filled up the Golf with winter diesel plus STP antifreeze (additive)

Smart CDI -29C cold start
8th December, 2009. Novosibirsk, Russia. Cranks pretty good, but baaaarely starts... Smart fortwo says "leave me alone, dude". ABS and ESP freezed, which is why there's a warning light on the dash. The steering is very hard at the beginning due to freezed suspension. I used Liqui Moly diesel antigel, whis is the best in my oppinion, although a bit pricey.

Brand New VW GOLF TDI Diesel Cold Weather Starting Test
SOUTHLAND VOLKSWAGEN in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada tests the cold weather starting of a BRAND NEW VW Golf TDI Diesel at -30. This diesel car had been sitting outside at this temperature for several days and was not plugged in or started during this time.

1993 VW Golf 1,9 TurboDiesel Cold Start
I just replaced the clutch on this old Golf diesel, and did a quick cold start of it. The glowplugs are only 1 year old, but still it has trouble starting in cold weather.