Golf V TDI 125kw COLD START -20c

it has been standing two days in -30c. Not plugged in, so it was cold as hell. (Offcourse battery was dead). Sorry for my bad english.

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Brand New VW GOLF TDI Diesel Cold Weather Starting Test
SOUTHLAND VOLKSWAGEN in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada tests the cold weather starting of a BRAND NEW VW Golf TDI Diesel at -30. This diesel car had been sitting outside at this temperature for several days and was not plugged in or started during this time.

VW Golf 1.9 TDI MK5 Cold start couple of second squeal.mp4
VW Golf 1.9 TDI 2004 MK5 - couple of seconds squeal from cold start. Fully serviced and cam belt,water pump and pulleys changed 6 months ago. Noise goes away after few seconds and has only started over the last 2 weeks, can any help me diagnose the problem?? Thanks...

2004 VW Golf TDI cold start -38C
1.9TDI BEW cold start at -25 feels like -38C

Golf MK5 1.9 TDi - Turbo Blown!!
Doesnt sound good!!