pontiac fiero 84

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My '84 Fiero's 30th Anniversary!
They told me my '84 Pontiac Fiero wouldn't last 60,000 miles. They told me it would be in the junkyard by the time I made the last payment. They said I should have bought a "reliable" Japanese car. "They" were dead wrong. Today marks 30 years since I drove it home from Townsend Pontiac in Merrillville, IN. My first and only new car (after a POS '70 Toyota Corona 2-door and a star-crossed '74 Triumph TR6). And it seems like yesterday I was spraying the Monroney sticker with Windex to get it off in one piece. 30 years of commuting to work in all four seasons, long-distance road trips and just puttering around the neighborhood. And it's still here, still going strong. And no, it has never, ever caught on fire. Luck, or 30 years of regular maintenance? I vote for number 2.

El Grupo SETRAM, cliente de ATRIUM Media, ha elaborado este video corporativo para mostrar al mercado sus servicios como Operador Logístico, especializado en la cadena de suministro del automóvil. En al año 2008, SETRAM cumplió 25 años de historia empresarial, vinculado a la industria del turismo y sectores auxiliares. Se trata de un vídeo empresarial de gran eficacia en la narración y su traslado a imágenes. Para más información: www.setram.com y http://setram.wordpress.com

Fixing the Fiero, Pt. 1 - Changing the Gas Filter Didn't Do It
It was running rough and sounded like it was gasping for air over 25mph. Changing the fuel filter didn't work. Next step: flatbed it over to Dave Armstrong at Ace Muffler. But not before I rant about people who don't know what they're doing trying to repair a car like the Fiero and then blaming it on the car when they screw it up.

Electric Fiero Tour, part 1
Stephen Johnsen gives us a tour of his E.V. Fiero, featuring TWO electric motors, a Flux Capacitor, and a removable tail light drag-racing kill switch! http://300mpg.org/