PPE Standard Duramax Programming Process

Here is how the PPE programs the truck.

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01 LB7 duramax PPE XCELERATE programmer
Here's a quick video of right when I got the PPE 220hp tune on my LB7 duramax. This truck has 120k miles and is 14 years old. Runs damn good. The truck is just straight piped and tuned. It is lifted 4" and has 33" tires

05 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD PPE Hot programmer stage 4 , Magnaflow 3" downpipe and 5" exhaust
This is a stock/factory tune duramax with k&n cold air intake and banks monster cat back that we upgraded to PPE hot programmer on stage 4 with Magnaflow 3" downpipe and 5" straight pipe Exhaust. Owner Chris thought he was only getting a Exhaust upgrade from his wife, only to drive the truck and realize that their was a Christmas surprise

Duramax ppe level 3
Banks ram air intake w/super scoop, ppe Boost increase valve, ppe xcelerator hot + 2 et, grand rock 7 inch miter cut single stack

PPE Duramax Project Complete
I'm not a certified mechanic but I managed to pull this duramax apart and put it back together. The good thing is everything works right! I am using PPE level 3 right now it really knocks you back in the seat. The shifts are really smooth and the truck seems less restrictive and more balanced. I have to be careful because my transmission is still stock.