PPE Standard Duramax Programming Process

Here is how the PPE programs the truck.

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12 Valve Cummins Oil Change 2014
FleetGuard Oil Filter with 11 quarts of oil.

Cold Start Cummins 5* below
24v cummins sled puller. Custom ground haisley cam, 200 hp ddp injectors 64/71/14 turbo, port and polished head, fly cut pistons, quadzilla adrenaline stacked with a smarty.

01 LB7 duramax PPE XCELERATE programmer
Here's a quick video of right when I got the PPE 220hp tune on my LB7 duramax. This truck has 120k miles and is 14 years old. Runs damn good. The truck is just straight piped and tuned. It is lifted 4" and has 33" tires

Update on PPE mpg gains on Duramax.
Coming from Missoula, MT. I-90 east is mountainous with some flat land. Slowest pulling was from 35-40 mph. Flat ground was 60-64 mph. Best MPGs prior to PPE was 11 through Ohio. Before PPE. Mileage through this part of I-90 was 7-9 MPGs.