PPE Standard Duramax Programming Process

Here is how the PPE programs the truck.

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PPE Duramax Project Complete
I'm not a certified mechanic but I managed to pull this duramax apart and put it back together. The good thing is everything works right! I am using PPE level 3 right now it really knocks you back in the seat. The shifts are really smooth and the truck seems less restrictive and more balanced. I have to be careful because my transmission is still stock.

Duramax 4x4 Mud Test
I haven't really tested this truck in the mud, so I took it to the extreme! In the first clip the ground was some what muddy.

Duramax Cold Start
I got through replacing the fuel pressure regulator with a new one while it was 72 degrees. My duramax runs like it's supposed to. Now the winter weather rolled in it's to cold to work on my truck. I have some new shocks Bilstein 5100 that I need to install.

12 Valve Cummins Oil Change 2014
FleetGuard Oil Filter with 11 quarts of oil.