Mopar Nats 09 - Plymouth Roadrunner vs Chevy Nova

Near lane - 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner - 13.215@104mph Far lane - 1968 Chevrolet Nova - 9.195@147mph The Roadrunner is one I've seen before at shows/drag race events, it's quick, but there was always gonna be one winner in this race. The Nova is a pure race car, the Roadrunner just a street/strip machine. Anybody know why the Nova appears to let off just before he launches? He seemed to do that all day.

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Mopar Nats 09 - Plymouth Roadrunner vs Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda
Near lane - 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda - 13.021@107mph Far lane - 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner - 12.680@98mph A close race between two very nice fairly unmodified Plymouths - the Cuda was one of my personal favourites there, awesome colour scheme and soundtrack from the legendary Hemi.

Mopar Nats 09 - Pontiac GTO Vs Chevrolet Camaro 'Therapy'
Near lane - 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge - 10.787@123mph Far lane - 1968 Chevrolet Camaro - 8.931@155mph Get ready to witness one of the fastest accelerating road cars you will EVER see. The Therapy Camaro is another veteran of the scene, and man, it always amazes me how fast it goes, for a car that's still road-legal and road-usable. The GTO in the other lane is pretty quick too, unfortunatly it just got overshadowed a little in this particular run :P

Mopar Nats 09 - Dodge Challenger Vs Dodge Charger
Near lane - 1970 Dodge Challenger - 9.783@130mph Far lane - 1970 Dodge Charger - 11.150@143mph Two Plymouths in the last vid, two Dodges in this one. Another pair of awesome cars, plus the General Lee livery on the Charger - how original :P Great cars though, and a pair of fast runs - can't believe how fast the terminal speed was for the Charger!?

Mopar Nats 09 - Taz Racing Fiat 126
Near lane - 1974 Fiat 126 - 10.521@127mph Im not up normally for posting solo runs, but I have to show off Taz Racing's flagship car. It's an old Fiat 126, with a Chevy V8 packing 500hp somehow rammed into the front of it. Its an absolute rocket, and Owen loved it, as you can see! Big respect to Chris Skinner and the whole Taz Racing stable, I see them at so many shows, always running and putting on a great show!