Boeing 747: High Altitude Water Drop

Jumbo empties it water tanks at flying level.

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F14 Tomcat "Sonic Boom"
just a vid of an f 14 breaking the sound barrier at a low altitude Sound barrier break tomcat airforce jet ocean f14 fast speed

Tanker 979
Evergreen's Firefighting 747 "Tanker 979" makes a 20,000 gal water drop on the runway at McClellan Air Force base , Sacramento. Evergreen Has reportedly sign a "As needed contract " with Cal Fire.

C 130J and C 17 Super Hercules Landing HD
C-130J Super Hercules Landing 0:06 - 0:49 C-130J Hercules, 0:50 -1:27 C-17 Globemaster by plane, C-130J-30 Hercules Demonstration, Flight, 2005 Rhode Island ANG Open House - C-130J-30 Hercules Demo avión C-130-J-30, 2006 Westfield International Airshow - C-130J-30 Hercules Demonstration, Lockheed Martin - C-130J Super Hercules In Action, Incredible C-130 Hercules, Lockheed C-130J-30 Hercules, C-130J Super Hercules, Lockheed C-130 Hercules Test Flight (1955), ,Asiana crash,Plane Crash Sfo,San Francisco airport,777 crash,Plane Crash In San Francisco

LOWEST 737 LANDING EVER! @ Skiathos, the second St Maarten | Air Italy 737-8BK crazy pilot!
Feel the thrill of standing behind masses of heavy metal and between two big wheels passing next to you, and watch the aircraft literally drop on the runway, bounce, and touch down again! Then get friendly waves by the pilots, while they have their cockpit windows open, and watch the captain look back, outside the aircraft, to check the tyre marks he had made before! You can watch similar videos to this one in this playlist: As plane spotters at Skiathos airport, also known as the Second St Maarten, we wanted a low landing, but we definitely hadn't seen this one coming! Many people have said that it was the LOWEST LANDING they had ever seen at Skiathos and it is definitely one of the lowest landings in the world itself. After touchdown, two clear marks from the landing gear were drawn before the runway threshold! Beat that, St Maarten! If you'd like to see more similar videos, then please make sure you click on the "subscribe" button. It only takes a single moment, though it is extremely helpful! Just click here: This a channel devoted to aviation, where you will find tons of HD aviation footage for you to enjoy, for absolutely free! Watch a compilation of amazing classic 737s landing at Skiathos here: Watch a passenger flight from Larnaca to Skiathos here: Watch an incredible video dedicated to Cyprus Airways here: Make sure to... Like my page on Facebook! Join my group on Facebook! Camera used: - Panasonic HDC SD-90 Microphone used: - Rode Videomic Pro @ 0 dB, High Pass Filter OFF - Micover Slipover for Rode Videmic Pro Microphone Windscreen Tripod used: - Velbon DV-7000 Editing Software: -Sony Vegas Pro 12