Illegal street race, Honda CBR900 VS Honda Civic

Look how much the Honda dipped through traffic to catch us! Some wheelies in town, Racing a Honda, (well, having fun)

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High Speed Running GoPro Camera
Noise protection custom earplugs provided by: (Awesome products) Update : 2014. Guys I know about the bad shifting and throttle control. This video has been posted some years ago and by now I've learned to do it the "Pro" way. Btw, my bike still has a clutch, no mechanical problems and performs like new :) ...Watch my newest videos also. Thanks for all the advices. --------------------- Ninja ZX10R 11 , GSXR 1000 , Honda CBR 1000RR I didn't want to overtake the other drivers, I was just testing the potential of the ZX10R and I must say this beast is difficult to beat. Everything is factory except the slip-on. A big thanks to BestBuy Hearing Aids for providing me with their custom earplugs for the best noise protection. You can visit their site by going to --------------------- Motor and wind noise are damaging for the hearing. From a speed of 100 km per hour a motorcyclist is exposed to noise that exceeds 90 decibel. The law prescribes a hearing protection when the noise is above 85 decibel. Regular noise above 80 decibels will irrevocably lead to hearing damage. Wind noise is a big problem for motorcyclists. It not only leads to hearing damage, but also to a weaker concentration. According to several helmet tests not one helmet offers sufficient hearing protection. Drive without hearing protection Speed Wind noise under helmet. Max. time without risk of hearing damage. 62 mph 94 dB 15 minutes 75 mph 98 dB 7 minutes 87 mph 102 dB 3 minutes 100 mph 106 dB 90 seconds

Pure 5 minutes of adrenaline rush street racing between BMW 1000 versus honda repsol cbr 1000

Black Devil - Hayabusa Turbo test как это видео собрало столько просмотров?? хуй знает))) овощная тестовая езда, первый выезд на турбобусе

CBR 900rr Turbo First Ride
The very first ride with my CBR 900RR turbo! More and better videos will come soon!