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1.8L VW Boxer Engine Warmup on Dyno

This is the 1.8L VW boxer engine intended for use in a '75 Porsche 914 race car. The engine has been race prepped by myself and others at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. We are Team Rose Motorsports, and we build and race cars. We also have an 88 Ford Mustang setup for drag racing and an 89 BMW 325is that competes in D-stock SCCA solo autocross. This is a video of Dyno break-in under no load...should make a full pull within the next few weeks...carbs still need tuning.


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Type 4 Store Camshaft & Valve Train Details
A video that addresses frequently asked questions about the Type 4 Store camshafts and valve train assemblies. Learn about whats included in the kits and whats required to install them successfully.

Vergara Motores VW Boxer Air Cooled

Porsche 914 no quadro Indiana Gomes do programa Limite (ESPN) com Flavio Gomes
Imagens do programa Limite da ESPN do final de 2010, mostrando o Porsche 914 número 7 da Classic Cup/Campeonato Paulista de Automobilismo.

Porsche 914 comes to life after a 4 year plus slumber.
1973 Porsche 914 2.0 liter four cylinder is started up for the first time after putting new electrical, fuel lines, fuel pump etc. in the car. And rebuilding the carburetors (actually the second start) The first start actually started much quicker. One has to pump the accelerator petal hard on older cars. Check out the car IV i put together with a 1 gallon Hawaiian Punch bottle.

Porsche 914 2.4 Liter Engine, 2413cc Motor, Air cooled VW, Bus, Type 4, 2.0 IV
150 Hp Type IV high performance engine, 71mm stroke x 104mm bore. Scat C45 cam, polished intakes, 44mm x 38mm SS valves, 9.2:1 CR, dual 44mm Webers. I built this engine for my brother and while I was gone he shot the video with my test Exhaust removed. The good thing is that he the engine ran fine for the 3 years he had it so luckily he didn't hurt anything.

VW Type 4 Dyno Tuning
TRM's 1.8L Type 4 VW engine...mods include hi-comp pistons, some unkown road race cam...and a weber single carb and intake setup.

First Drive - 2015 Subaru WRX STI
Hooniverse.com's Jeff Glucker travels to Northern California to meet up with the latest version of a popular Pleiades-badge wearing, all-wheel-drive, rally rocket. It's the 2015 Subaru WRX STI, and it's time to meet it and put it through its paces. This doesn't just mean some time on the street, however, as the day also includes some hot laps at Laguna Seca.

2003 Mazda Miata 1.8L Crate Engine Break In on Dynojet With Good Sound
For best viewing results, please watch in 1080p and TURN UP VOLUME :) Clips from 1.8L crate engine (long block) break in procedure on a Dynojet. Thanks to Mazdaspeed Motorsports for the engine. Thanks to Arthur at Track Masters in Huntsville, AL for excellent support on the Dyno. Initial Dyno results are here: http://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=475452

Louie's Garage Episode 4: Valve Train of 2010 Boxer Engine
In this episode we look at a 2010 Boxer Engine Valve Train on BMW GS

Motor VW Boxer para Carro ou Avião
Estamos mostrando pela primeira vez na internet os trabalho do nosso amigo Marcos Fornasari, que ha muito tempo trabalha com a preparação de motores e em especial com os VW refrigerados a ar (Motor do Fusca). Esta é uma versão 1.8 com carburador de dois estágios, o que mostrou muito eficiente no quesito de desempenho e economia de combustível. Também já se encontra em desenvolvimento o motor que equipará o nosso avião (vide projeto Revista AVIEX), que em breve será mostrado os testes aqui também. Mais informações: Jardel Leal - Revista AVIEX revistaaviex@hotmail.com www.revistaaviex.com.br

SiemprEnKombi - Tutorial 02 - Como Bajar Motor Boxer??
SiemprEnKombi - Tutorial 02 - 2do encuentro de Mecánica Komunitaria Tutoriales para Kombi Volkswagen: Video explicativo de: Como Bajar Motor Boxer?? Este video fue grabado en el 2do encuentro de Mecánica Komunitaria organizado por SiemprEnKombi Mas info en: www.siemprenkombi.com.ar/foro

Vw Beetle
Some pictures of Vw Boxer engines and VW Beetles. song: The Brightwings - Can't Stand Me

2332cc VW Bug Dyno Clip
Dad's '62 VW Beetle on the chasis Dyno. Engine was 2332cc, 48IDA's, 11.5 to 1 compression, FK89 cam, Jeff Denham 46x37.5 race heads.

Boxer VW Engine
Beetle Air cooled Boxer Engine. Just finished with the whole assembly and then running on the Dyno to calculate the actual power. The run was very successful but there were still some transmission losses to be fixed. I just love the sound of this engine!!...:) It is all mechanically controlled with sports cams and sports package. A little more tweak to the Engine and its ready to race on track. :)

Porsche 914 Type IV 1.7L engine with 90mm domed high compression pistons. 66mm stroke crank Weber 32/36 Progressive Carb #022 casting heads Fresh Tune-up with 009 distributor & new Bosch coil Bottom end has 15k miles, top end including rod bearings have 0 miles. Engine came to me with a dropped valve seat in 1 head, was repaired and is now up for sale.

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