NJMP RACE VIDEO #1: Ferrari Scuderia 16M, Porsche GT3 MK2, Viper, Nissan GT-R and TONS more!

https://www.facebook.com/Replicawholesalesunglassescom Exotics invade New Jersey Motor Park for time trials. My car came in 9th Place. My car is a 2007 GT3 and this was my first time at the NJMP track and I'm still learning which gears to be in. Be sure to check out my next video as I get better around the track. Here are the Race results: Scott B - Alan's 997 GT3 #38 - 1:18.802 Brian P - Black F430 #36 - 1:19.095 Joe C - Black GTR #20 - 1:19.480 Seth R - Lambo SL #50 - 1:20.144 Nick C - Black RS4 #17 - 1:21.178 Ken S - Black Vette #27 - 1:21.182 John M - F430 Scud Spyder #29 - 1:21.274 Neil H - BMW M3 #37 - 1:21.953 Will S - 997 GT3 #31 - 1:22.451 Scott B - BMW 318 LeMons #469 - 1:22.740 Sergio A - SL55 AMG Black #24 - 1:22.991 Alan M - 997 GT3 #38 - 1:26. Nik M - Cayman S #34 - 1:27.127 Rami A - Mustang Cobra #7 - 127.246 Mark R - Red M5 #16 - 1:27.279 Moe K - Mini Cooper S #1 - 1:27.500 Tim C - Viper ACR #32 - 1:29.515 Rich K - Red F430 Scud #25 - 1:39.054

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How loud is a decibel? Do you know what 55 to 60 decibels of racetrack noise sounds like in your backyard? Doesn't sound too much to read the numbers. How about 65 to 75 decibels? Now you can find out. Lou Magazzu says this will not have a deleterious effect on the community. What do you think? Read more at www.trackracket.org Ever since the New Jersey Motorsports Park started operations, it became obvious from the start that "talking" deibel levels and "hearing" decibel levels are two different animals.