350hp k20 turbo vs 400hp k24 turbo

davidk20ek4 vs ampamstation247

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Supercharged K24 7 psi + 35 shot vs B16 turbo precision 5957e 15psi
EJ1 k24a1/k20a2 STOCK Comptech Supercharger, 7psi, 35 shot, pump gas, full interior, street tires. EG hatch b16 precision 5957e turbo, 15psi, brake Boosting, race gas, radials.

3,600+hp twin-turbo BBC
Tom Bailey's MULE test engine for SICK 2.0. This twin-turbo BBC engine package is also equipped with a separate fuel system and injectors for pump gas - making it a streetable package for DRAG WEEK and other similar competitions. WWW.STEVEMORRISENGINES.COM

Drag Racing EG Turbo Civic AR Performance 954-548-6391
Builder: Casper 954-548-6391 Just one of the many cars this guy builds. He built my brother's engine/car http://www.floridadirectautotransport.com

K20 Civic EK vs Turbo gsr civic and B18 turbo CRX