1971 Monte Carlo with 454ci engine, 3" original Flowmaster 50 series mufflers, no tailpipes

This is my 1971 Monte Carlo. The video clip is for sound comparisons for different Exhausts. The engine is about 9:1 compression and has a small hydraulic roller cam (224/234 deg @ 0.050", .527"/.544" lift). The intake is an Edelbrock RPM air gap, and the carb is a 750 Mighty Demon mechanical Secondary. The headers are Hooker Competition headers with 2" primaries and 3.5" collectors which go into 3" dual Exhaust with 3" 50-Series Flowmaster mufflers which end right before the rear end.

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1971 Monte Carlo with 502ci engine, 3" Magnaflow 22" mufflers with tailpipes
502ci engine, 230/238 @0.050" cam, around 9.8:1 compression

71 MonteCarlo action!
'71 monte '67 396, th400 and a 12 bolt. simple and effective.

Boom Tube NASCAR Exhaust 1972 Monte Carlo 502 4 speed
The car now has a solid roller cam setup and 200 more hp. Check out my most recent videos! Nascar boom tube purchased from a race team on my 502 M20 Monte Carlo. Dyno made 375 rwhp and 452 rwtq. Tuning done by Drag Week 2014 champion Jeff Lutz

General Lee 69 Charger with Flowmaster 40's
Exhaust system: 2.5" dual with Flowmaster 40's is way to loud for me! Resonates badly from interior and is loud enough to anger the neighbors just getting out of the driveway. I've switched to Flowmaster 50 SUV and will post results here soon. Still sounds great but interior sound level is much improved!