Altered Wheelbase Nova Burnout

Test runs for upcoming movie: Zero Point.

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2012 Gasser Reunion East Coast Gassers Rd 1 Beaver Springs Dragway Nostalgia Drag Racing
Buy Gasser Reunion DVD June 8-10, 2012 -11th Annual Gasser Magazine Gasser Reunion tribute to Byron Stack, founder of and the Gas/FX group. First round of eliminations for the East Coast Gassers. John Olcott in his '41 Willys over Robert Carson in his '55 Chevy; John Schreiner in his '48 Anglia over Ron Carson in his '53 Ford; Scott Hasko in his '40 Willys over Dan Bergeron's '63 Nova; John Wise in his '50 Studebaker over Mark Fenzel's '50 Pontiac; Roger Cavallaro in his '57 Chevy over Jim Holms '55 Chevy; Gordon Ford in his '37 Chevy over Tom Nowicki's wicked '56 Chevy; Tom Morgan in his '55 Chevy over Jack Zeilsdorff in his '56 Chevy, and Gregg Grubel on a single in his '51 Chevy. Many thanks to the racers who permitted use of onboard cameras on their cars; Don Moyer, East Coast AA/GS Supercharged Racing Association. Featuring; Ted Turley Jr. in the Altizer, Finders and Kibler Willys; Dave Cobb in the Finders Keepers Willys; and Jeff Cryan in the Ron Bizio Willys pickup truck. Rebel Reaper VS 55 ford gasser Nostalgia Drag Racing and Nitromethane. Drift HD Action POV Camera

Nova SS Burnout right in downtown new york city check out all that smoke!!!

1969 Nova Burnout and In Car Video 327 4 Speed
Next time, I'll do the burnout in second gear... 327 ( I'm guessing about 400 HP) Super T-10 4 Speed, 12 Bolt Posi w/4.88 Gears. I just got her on the road and I'm still working things out but she runs pretty good.

Rich Guasco's "PURE HELL" AA Fuel Altered cackles at the Goodguy's West Coast Nats in Pleasanton, CA (8/21/09).