VW Corrado Drag

Ivan Rabbit Corrado Vs Atomo Toyota Celica

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Eurohouse Vdub
Eurohouse Unitronic PR Dealer www.ehmotorsport.com

Rotenburg Race Days 2011 Corrado Monster VR6 Turbo Kompressor 16V Killerberlin

Lithuanian Supercar
Lithuanian built, VW Corrado based dragster called Jezijmobilis. Weights only 730 kg, 856 wheel hp (without NOS!). Reaches speed of 260 km/h in 9 seconds. Video copyright of lrytas.lt. Some pictures from the build: http://www.eamvmotorsport.com/news_corrado081009.htm and http://www.scirocco.lt/405/405.php Car's owner is Jezij Chmelevskij

Corrado G60 Drag Racing CAR 2013 Xtreme
Corrado G60 Drag Racing CAR 2013 Xtreme