1970 Mercury Cougar, OPEN HEADERS

351W 5.8L V8 with new headers on it. Just a straight video of the first start up with them on. Will put up more later with full Exhaust system in.

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1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

Rip Van WInkle Pt.1
A work of genius commisioned for a high school english class now released to the masses. A re-enactment of the orignal story. Make sure to view Pt.2.

SOLD 1950 Mercury Coupe Hot Rod for sale by Corvette Mike Anaheim California 92807
1950 Mercury Custom Coupe Candy Apple Red w/White interior. If you get a bunch of gearheads in a room together and they get to talking about what the ultimate hot rod is, inevitably there will be three constants on the list; the '32 Ford Hi Boy Roadster, the '32 Ford 3 window coupe and the subject of this ad; the iconic '50 Merc coupe. The quintessential lead sled; the Merc defined the full bodied hot rod in the '50's. Its flowing lines were a vast canvas on which customizers could practice what was a fairly new art form back in the late '40's, early 50's. Chopped, channeled, frenched and decked. That's what you did if you wanted your Merc to stand out in a crowd! And the sled being offered here does that in spades! Designed to emulate customs made famous by legends like Sam and George Barris, Gene Winfield and many others, this rolling piece of art has all of the elements mentioned above, in addition to being wrapped in stunning Candy Apple Red paint, white tuck and roll interior with a multi-carb'd Flathead under the hood! Held in a vast private collection consisting of only the finest custom automobiles, the work was done by Steve's Auto Restorations using elements of Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac, Olds & Kaiser. The hardtop body has no "B" pillar, the headlights have been "Frenched", hood corners have been rounded and of course it wouldn't be a '50's custom without Appleton spots! The interior features white "Tuck and Roll", laminated plastic knobs and a '57 Olds steering wheel, power steering, a hidden audio system and solenoid operated doors, windows and trunk The business end features a full dress Motorhead City 1950 Flathead engine featuring an Offenhauser intake and heads and three Stromberg '97 carbs. House of Color supplied the Candy Apple over Gold exterior and "Von Dutch" style pinstriping. Wides whites with full Cadillac wheel covers completes the deal! It's an investment grade custom that spells upside in it's fortunate new owners future. It was good enough for James Dean! Stk #N/A

1968 Mercury Cougar Acceleration
Soundtesting my 1968 Mercury Cougar. Accelerating from 0-70 mph. It has a 302 bored .030 over to a 306, it has higher compression pistons (flat top), an Edelbrock 600 CFM 4 barrel carb, an Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold, stock heads, a bigger cam with about .410/.405 lift intake/Exhaust (has a solid flat tappet cam), Longtube Headers w/ a 3" collector, Dual Flowmaster 40's, initial engine timing is set at 17 degrees, removed the flex fan and installed an electric, I only have the alternator and water pump running off the alternator, it also has a oversized oil pan. Behind the motor I have a 32 lb Ford Racing Billet Steel Flywheel, a stage II performance clutch, and the original 3 speed top loader with 3.03 gears. I didnt push my car too hard in this video, I more so just wanted to hear it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.