A-Spec 95 Accord H22A Turbo Dyno 482ps

1995 Accord SiR H22A+GT2835R turbo 482ps アコード CD6 パワーチェック ダイナパック Thanks:A-Spec enterprise

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A-Spec 94 Accord H22A Turbo Dyno641ps
1994 Accord SiR H22A+GTX3576R turbo 641ps 2012年 7月16日 アコード CD6 パワーチェック ダイナパック Special Thanks:A-Spec enterprise

h22 accord part 2

Mazdaspeed3 vs. H22 Turbo Accord
Mazdaspeed3 stock with CAI vs. a built and turboed H22 94 accord coupe. Accord has Darton dry sleeves with eagle rods and wiseco pistons. t3/t04e ebay turbocharger, spoolin log manifold, synapse BOV and wastegate. Accord 326whp@11.3 psi...running 10psi max in vid Mazdaspeed3 280whp

The Ultimate Sleeper - 94 Honda Accord, Turbo?!? e85
join Balmores Facebook page --- https://goo.gl/9nnMHW had a blast in this crazy build doesnt even look like much but dont even think about rolling up next to him Help me out and join my social media accounts Instagram page ---- https://goo.gl/uMeziN Facebook page --- https://goo.gl/0SdmQN Twitter ------ https://goo.gl/T9igfA