Nuremberg Toy Fair 2011: CMC Bugatti Type 57

The Car Room got to spend some quality time with many of the models on display at the 2011 Nuremberg International Toy Fair. This time around, it's a pre-production sample of the upcoming CMC Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic, as owned by designer Ralph Lauren

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CMC Bugatti Type 57 "Atlantic"
Car Room Report: CLIPS! Sometimes words and photos aren't enough. Models like CMC's incredible Bugatti Atlantic are why we love doing video so much. Once again, this maker of fine model cars takes the "sport" of collecting into a new area, with yet another multimedia masterpiece based on an historically important - and aesthetically beautiful - automobile. Originally aired on CRR, May 7 2011.

1/18 1938 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic LE 1/5000 by CMC Owner : Ralph Lauren - FCaminhaGarage HD
1/18 1938 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic black LE 1/5000 by CMC Owner : Ralph Lauren Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic Nr. 57591 204501123&type=3

CMC Bugatti Type 57SC "Corsica" | Heavy MeTal Models
CMC's latest Bugatti is patterned after a car that's been through a few changes - including the one that changed this British Colonel's old racer into a Pebble Beach-winning legend.

1/18 CMC 1938 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic | REVIEWED!
A complete review of the 1/18 1938 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic by CMC Models. This Italian creation is one of the legends of motor cars and also one of the world's most valuable. CMC Models does another masterful job of showcasing every small detail in this example and demonstrates why they are the industry leader in 1/18 scale die cast. I've owned this specific model for nearly two years but have kept it boxed and away from display due to space limitations. Not having seen it since I first inspected it for damage when it was originally delivered to my door, it was refreshing to re-visit this model and re-discover why it's not only one of the best models in my collection, but one of CMC's best efforts in their 1/18 lineup. If you're on the fence about adding a high-end model such as this to your collection, do not hesitate to buy this one. It's a not cheap, but it's a great value-for-dollar purchase that can be recouped if you should ever decide to sell it in the future. Consider every CMC Model an investment as much as a collectible in the die-cast hobby. Nearly all CMCs hold their value and many appreciate over time as production ends and buyers hoard them in their private collections. ***LIKE THIS VIDEO*** ***SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL*** ***VISIT OUR WEB SITE*** ***FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA*** Twitter: Instagram: ***IMPORTANT LINKS*** CMC Models: Download Music "When We Together":