Triumph Spitfire Hub Puller

Watch me liberate the hub from the axle on a 1971 Triumph Spitfire.

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Triumph GT6 hub puller
Pulling the rear hub on a Triumph GT6

Triumph Spitfire lug upgrade & hub pulling
Upgrading OEM lugs to larger Land Rover Freelander lugs. also the use of a homemade hub puller to remove rear hubs. this includes problems encountered as well as the repair

4935 134 Wheel Hub and Drive Shaft Puller wheel removal without internal retaining ring

Part 1 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500 Differential Removal, Opening, Repair
In this video, I go into detail on removing the Final/Differential Unit from my 79 Triumph Spitfire 1500. For safety reasons, a transmission jack would be better than my floor jack, might save you a finger or two when it hits the floor. In putting this video together I have moved the "rear road spring" segment forward where I would do it on the tear down, and that is why you will see it still in place on later segments. The reason for this tear down: I was hearing a rumble from the back of the car, mostly when in the corners, and also when coasting to a stop. I found the Right Inner Drive Shaft Bearing was bad, the left also needing replaced. I have the camera's mic on the case to let you hear the sound, but without the weight of the car, the rumble I heard will not be as while driving, as if dragging my thumb across my grand mother's wash board. I will tear down that bearing in my Part 2 video and go further into the differential for a look. I hope to test Rory's Differential Spreader, replacing the shims for the carrier.