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How a turbo works
An educational video about turbochargers. For more help and information about turbochargers go to

Double Cab up and running
Thanks to Franklin's VW Werks for building us a motor. Next work, cosmetics. Even though it's not the best looking Double Cab out there we'll be heading to many VW shows and events!

1969 Beetle - Driving down the street.

Cass's Bagged S4 | SlammedEnuff?
Check out the Full Feature (Photo/Video) on Please Watch in HD!!! Here's another one of the features i got to shoot the weekend of Stoopidcold. Definitely one of the few cars I've been dying to shoot for a very long time. Cass's S4 is so clean and simple it just an attention grabber. Hope you guys like it!! Please subscribe, rate, comment, and share!! Follow us on Instagram!! Me - @danny_niceguy Slammedenuff - @slammedenuff Tim Acang - @timacang Filmed and Edited by: Danny Tran Song: "A Tale of Two Cities" - J. Cole