Chop Shop - London Garage S2 e5 p1

Musician and TV personality Jools Holland has asked Chop Shop to work their modified car magic and make him a custom recreation of the classic Jet 1, a Rover Car Company gas turbine concept car, circa 1950, that achieved a record breaking 152mph. Will Leepu's artistic integrity survive working to such a strict design brief? And can the team cope with grafting together a 50-year-old Rover 80 body shell and chassis, 60-year-old body Rover 75 body panels, with a 30-year-old Jaguar XJ6 4.2 litre engine and suspension? Jools has certainly never seen tuning like this before! This car is proving to be Chop Shop's greatest design and engineering challenge to date, and with a collective age of 140 years, this custom classic is even older than Bernie!

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Chop Shop London Garage S01 E09
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Chop Shop - London Garage S2 e10 p5
Legendary French footballer and model, David Ginola, invites Bernie to the South of France and asks him to build a car inspired by the iconic American cruiser, the Chevrolet Camaro SS. Unfortunately, Leepu doesn’t wait for Bernie to return to get the full brief and goes off on a Ferrari-inspired tangent, blowing over two thousand pounds of Bernie’s precious cash on a roadworthy Porsche as a donor car. Last episode in this season.

Chop Shop London Garage S01 E05
Some Texas Car Wars are wrong, im going to see that

Chop Shop London Garage S01 E10
Enjoy :D I dont have much time to see the problem on texas car wars episodes...