2005 Yamaha Roadstar Dyno Run 08-27-2011.avi

New Dyno run after installing all of the new bolt on upgrades and she is like a totally different Roadstar. Went from 62.44 HP to 76.78 HP and 95.23 torque to 101.13. Listed below are the upgrades. Cobra Speedster Slashdown Exhaust Thunder Mfg. Big Air Kit + Rejet the Carb Speedstar Ported Intake Manifold Dyna 3000 Ignition Dyna Coils and Plug Wires AIS Removal Kit Pro-One Tachometer

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Yamaha RoadStar 1700 Dyno
Dyno RoadStar 1700

Yamaha Wildstar 1700 Dyno run fiited with new Vance and Hines exhaust and Dynojet kit
Yamaha Wildstar 1700 Dyno run, after being fitted with Vance & Hines Exhaust system and a Dynojet carb kit. In standard condition the bike made 48 bhp and 81 lb/ft torque. This is the initial power run after fitting the new Exhaust system and jetting kit. It is running too rich on this test, with more work power should be increased by around 20 %

Yamaha Roadstar vs Suzuki M109r D-Ray @ Newport Drags
This video is from a few years ago, a bunch of us guys from the shop took our bikes to a test and tune at Newport Arkansas. Featured in this video Jimmy Ingram with his M109R, and Me with a modified 1700 Road Star Bobber. Sorry for the poor vid quality, shot with an old camera. My Roadstar beat the M109 off the line every time, but alas, It didnt have the horses to keep it that way! He blew my doors off every pass! Still, it was alot of fun! Have a goodun' D-Ray

Road Star 1600 Fourbidden Header
This is my 2001 Road Star 1600. I was run off the road in Mar of this year and did $5,000 worth of damage. I was surprised Allstate did not total it when the cost of repairs came in from the Yamaha shop. Anyway it was all cosmetic, tank fender, windshield, saddlebag and a few pieces of chrome here and there. The bike runs great and sounds even better with that header. Hope you enjoy. Brown