Turbo VL GRAMPA burnout at Burnout Warriros 2012

turbo VL "GRAMPA" ripping a top skid at Burnout Warriors 2012 with 6 yes, 6 people in the car! http://www.modifiedcarforums.com

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BOOOSTN: Turbo VL RB25 (running 20psi) at Gazzanats WA
Dayne Burge's screaming VL Commodore runs a turbo RB25 with 20psi. Explains why it destroys tyres with ease.

VL Turbo burnout at Burnout Warriors 2011
VL turbo spools up on the line before tearing the tyres to pieces at Burnout Warriors 2011. http://www.modifiedcarforums.com

Summernats 27 COPDIS VL Calais Burnout

YFULLY - Summernats VL Turbo Burnout
It wasn't a bad smokeshow from this VL turbo at Summernats but the crowd wasn't really into the high rpm six-cylinder action. Shame really, he did a decent skid.