Audi S4 vs Ferrari 430 at Crail 13/11/11


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Lamborghini LP640 vs S4 vs...Evo....R32
Gt2560 s4 with a break in file at 18-19psi and a check engine light with misfire codes. VS Lambo EDO competition lp640 over 700hp......UBR R32......EVO 9.....

Ferrari F430, Audi S4
Ferrari F430, Audi S4

infiniti g37s vs audi s4
1/4 mile drag , g37s 's gaz pedal got stuck under the carpet at the start driver's face was priceless .

Audi S4 vs Charger RT
Stock Audi S4 vs Stock Charger RT Very quick and to the point... at a 40 roll.