307 olds knock?

i was wondering if i have to rebuild..i know the rockers and timing is ticking but around 0:29 into the video you hear the knock when the car accelerates...the car has 500,000 miles so i was thinking if i should just get a new engine or rebuild...ooh and plz no bullshit comments. this video is for info only not for showing off..---- I JUNKED THIS CAR---

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Auto Air Conditioner Repair - Full Rebuild - 89 Olds Ciera - Part 1
****** Part 2 link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S1wjsIGWZQ ***** This is a series of two videos where I go through a full A/C system rebuild. The car is a 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera FE3 Coupe. The car was bought recently and the A/C was not working. I found multiple problems all caused by incompetent prior service work. The system is flushed, new parts installed, refrigerant oil and HFC152A refrigerant installed. Theory of refrigerant charge amounts and formulas for calculating them are shown.

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1985 Cutlass Salon
this is a video of my cutlass salon....i wanted to do more but a random guy came up and started offering me money for my car lol honestly ill sell it but more than the 3 grand he offered me lol....the motor is the original 307 OLDSMOBILE engine rebuilt bored .030 over with a mild cam in it...edelbrock intake plenum and carb...i forget the CFM for the carb but its nothing crazy like an 850 lol...i still want to put new drums and rotors and pads on it and i need to replace the idler arm and the coolent resevoir or aka the degas bottle haha...of course like i said in the video i need to tighten up on the belts...it was a LOT worse than that before i made the video