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307 olds knock?

i was wondering if i have to rebuild..i know the rockers and timing is ticking but around 0:29 into the video you hear the knock when the car accelerates...the car has 500,000 miles so i was thinking if i should just get a new engine or rebuild...ooh and plz no bullshit comments. this video is for info only not for showing off..---- I JUNKED THIS CAR---


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Oldsmobile 307 V8 Build Part 5
Taking out the pistons led me to discover that the bearing and crank shaft are damage far far beyond any hope of repair. One bearing was so bad that it ate itself away, as well as the crank shaft to a measurable degree. I've never seen something this bad, and can't believe the owner got this far without thinking the clunks they are hearing where bad.

Olds 350 motor running out of car
This is the motor that I put into my 1985 Delta 88, replacing the blown 307. It's from a 1968 Olds Delmont. It is a 350 Rocket motor, 395558 block, 5 heads, and has a TH 400 tranny bolted up to it. How you start it out of the car you All you gotta do is run a fuel line to the carb and the other end to a fuel can with about a gallon of gas. Run a battery to the disturbitor, and touch the wires together for the dis and the starter´╗┐ and if it runs, it will fire right up

Olds 307 Idling
Oldsmobile 307 in a Camarolds idling.

'72 Cutlass First startup
This is the first time firing the engine after rebuilding it. Its an olds 350 rocket, but will later be replaced with a 455 after its built. No cooling system or transmission lines are hooked up, so thats why we didn't let it run long

86 olds cutlass
This will be my project car.. It's half paid off on this video so I could only collect parts. The parts that were off were the intake, carb, fan, alt, air cleaner, radiator and distributor....... The car has just over 3 thousand miles on it. It was a 1 owner car who bought it new and died...... The car was repo'd and on the lot it was broken into by some kids... They tried stealing the parts and broke out the small window on the drivers side. They were caught and arrested. The cops put the parts in the back ''trunk''... now it's up to me to do the timing and install the parts that were taken off... lots of hoses were cut but the wires seem to be all intact. I dont know if anything else is missing....... it will take some cleaning and some time... PLEASE VOICE YOUR MIND ON THE 307 OLDS ENGINE!! TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT VACCUME DIAGRAMS AND ANYTHING MENTIONING TIMING, SPARKPLUG ORDER ON DISTRIBUTOR, PISTON ORDER, HOSE'S ANYTHING FOR THE STOCK 307 THANKS!

1984 Oldsmobile Hurst Cutlass 307 V8 TBI
converted to throttle body injection

1984 Oldsmobile 307 Engine Blow.
Blowing up the 307 in this Delta 88.

OLDSMOBILE - The 1st Generation Rocket V8s Part 3 of 3
THE FIRST GENERATION ROCKET V8 BLOCK was produced from 1949-64. It started as a 303 in 1949, then grew to a 324, then a 371--(which also came in a special J2 Rocket version that came out in 1957), and finished off with it's largest displacement---a 394 that came out in 1959 (the 394 was produced until 1964). But after the 394 in 1959, the lastly developed engine of this "first generation era" was a special smaller lighter 215v8 with a turbo charger produced in the early 60s. The first intermediate sized musclecar came in 1964 "The Pontiac GTO". But prior to the Intermediate sized musclecars, the early 50s OLDSMOBILE ROCKETS can strongly be argued as being THE FIRST MUSCLE CAR (especially the 88's because they were a few hundred pounds lighter than a 98). My dad was blessed with getting a 303v8 1950 Olds 4dr 88 handed down to him in 1955 when my Grandpa got a new 55 Olds.

1983 BUICK LeSabre ( The start-up)
With the MOTOR running. Smooth pick-up and GO power, no hesitation. When pushed hard, it provides good steady acceleration, no complaints. This is the 307 V-8, with a 4-barrel carb. Made out of the Oldsmobile division vin. code-"Y". The 307 is a better built motor then the 305 made by the Chevy division. *********DO NOT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE********

1986 Olds Cutlass Supreme - 455 Engine Knock
I have about 8,000 miles on this engine build and have developed a bit of a kock. It started within in the past 50 miles and I havn't driven it since it started. I am not sure what could be causing this. I am running 5W-30 oil and have also tried 10W-30 (both Synthetic) with a Bosch oil filter. Oil is at the correct level with the stock oil pan. temp, water and engine RPM are shown at the beginning of the video. What could be causing this??

Engine knocking noise
I just adjusted my valves, but it is still making this noise.

Oldsmobile 350 with 307 5a heads
Heads are machined down and ported. And there is bigger valves too.

Cold Start Buick LeSabre 307 V8 (reuploaded)
Reuploaded Buick Video...ike most Oldsmobile engines, this is widely regarded as a durable workhorse engine, hard to kill without applying undue abuse. Reasonable uses and reliable maintenance such as consistent oil changes and basic tune-ups may be expected to give a long engine life. The 307 is quite capable of hauling and/or traveling at freeway speeds and long non-stop durations, A car built to last!

oldsmobile engine swap part 2
the second video of my 307 Oldsmobile engine swap process sorry about the crappy audio. It was rather windy out.

the knock of doom...
a tour round the El Camino also the dreaded engine wrist pin slap...

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