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New 88 rx7 GXL exhaust

First clip is with the whole system disconnected. "dumped at the collector. The second clip is after I removed the cat and replaced it with some 2.5". Only the rear fart cans remain. Still sounds good.


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Mazda RX-7 Spitting Huge Flames from Exhaust!
When I was driving back from an event, this turbocharged Mazda RX-7 FD3S passed me in a tunnel. As you can see this tuned Mazda RX-7 FD3S was spitting some huge flames from the Exhaust! Hate it or love it, I really enjoyed it! :) Follow me: http://www.Gumbal.tv 1st Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/GUMBAL 2nd Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/GUMBALTV 3rd Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/CarChannelClassic FACEBOOK: http://www.fb.com/GUMBALTV INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/GUMBALTV TWITTER: http://Twitter.com/GUMBALTV GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+Gumbal Thanks you for watching my videos. All feedback on my videos are appreciated! Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. More videos coming up! - Hans

88 RX-7 Full Racing Beat exhaust (no cat)
88 Wankel shoots flames with Racing Beat header, presilencer (no cat) and full catback. also has airbox mods.

We use our loud exhausts for a purpose
Nissan GTR's revving and popping in Central London.

my engine build
building my 88 rx7... now turbod

91 S5 NA RX7 1-3 gear pull
Sorry about the video, hard to drive stick and hold camera at the same time. Performance mods: racing beat headers, open Exhaust, 88gxl LSD Edit: I found out this video was done with my 6 port and VDI stuck closed so now this car is even faster.

1990 rx7 gxl for sale vid 1
video of my car starting and running

Drifting a 1988 RX7 GX almost stock- baseline runs at agassiz speedway in B.C.
This is me (Ryan Turner) drifting my stock 88 rx7 basemodel. I was running brand new nankang 195/60/14. I designed a sidepipe off the stock cat, thanks canadian tire(no mufflers, no y pipe). My springs and shocks are stock, but were further worn out by someone when they stole this car around 2 months ago. Maintenance up to date, but no real mods besides tailpipe and lightening. I rolled over to 146k km's on the way to the track. I brought all my spare rubber and supplies inside my FC. Brought it all home after. Yes I know how to modify a car, I have 3 fc's and this is the only near stock one. This is also the only one with an open diff, and 14" wheels. First time on the track ever. Go buy a car and have fun. Rotary Spirit

89 Rx7 CorkSport Exhaust w/ Magnaflow XL 3 pre-silencer
1989 N/A Rx7 GXL with a Racing Beat header, Magnaflow XL 3 pre-silencer, and CorkSport Power Series catback. No other mods to car except CAI and OMP delete running pre-mix.

88 rx7 convertible
This is my project the 7, i just got the new seats, red and black!!!

RX7 Fc3 Restoration Ported
Ported rebuilt and restored.. T2 Tranny Lsd Rearend.. More to come.


88 Rx7 GXL Dyno@150hp
My friends 1988 Mazda Rx7 with racing beat Exhaust and full emissions strip

1988 RX7 Racing Beat Dual Exhaust and Flowmasters
True Dual Exhaust With Flowmaster Mufflers

1988 RX7 GXL N/A - DynoMax Exaust
This was a video I took back in 1999 to hear what my Rx7 sounded like after I got some catback Dynomax installed.

88 RX-7 stock(ish)
My 1988 RX-7 Non turbo during a bit of spirited driving.

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