New 88 rx7 GXL exhaust

First clip is with the whole system disconnected. "dumped at the collector. The second clip is after I removed the cat and replaced it with some 2.5". Only the rear fart cans remain. Still sounds good.

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rx7 gxl vs gst eclipse
stock rx7 vs 410hp gst

1988 Rx7 GXL n/a
My '88 rx7,just bought it last week. completely bone stock. diamond in the rough currently.

RX-7 without catback
1988 RX-7 GXL N/A I had a small Exhaust leak between the two pre-cats. Once I had things taken apart, I thought I would start her up to see what she sounds like without any Exhaust system at all. Yummy!

my 1988 rx7 turbo walk around
my 1988 mazda rx7 fc3s turbo with a s5 turbo swap walk around