Ram SRT10 20 - 100

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2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Quad Cab - (Texas) One Take
The Ram SRT-10 is the perfect vehicle for automakers to look back on and go, "OK, we need to stop this. It's just getting silly." With a 505-HP V10 lifted directly from the Viper and shoved under the bonnet, these were, and still are, the fastest production pickup trucks ever, topping out at 155 MPH. And while Rudy's daily-driven SRT-10 isn't exactly in showroom new condition, with scratches, dents, wear, and tear, (not to mention the 24" rims) ,it's still comically ridiculous and Texas-appropriate.

Ford Lightning(s) vs Ram Srt10 1/4 Mile Racing
Ford Lightning(s) vs Ram Srt10 1/4 Mile Racing

SRT10 Ram vs. SRT8 Challenger
Just a quick highway roll. Never expected it.

Lightning vs SRT-10 by S.I.M.C. Productions
Ford Lightning goes against "The Black Beast" Dodge SRT-10 supercharged Viper truck. Both of these trucks are hellacious power houses. lightning has aem intake, smaller charger pulley bringing 13.5 lbs of Boost ,with special tuned diablo sport tuner. hedman hedders and magnaflow Exhaust and 4-11 gears with shift kit.... dodge has paxton Supercharger at 5 lbs Boost, after market cam , rear traction bars, full magnaflow Exhaust system, 4-88 gears, extreme brand engine control