Matsuura Maxia: V8 Engine Block Machined From Solid

V8 Engine Block Machined From Solid on a Matsuura 5 axis MAM72-63V CNC state of the art Machine Tool

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Shapeoko 2 Works Kit Tutorial - Desktop CNC 3D Carver Router by Inventables
The Shapeoko 2 has been upgraded to the X-Carve as of March 2015. Get the latest info here: This video will take you through the entire process of building the desktop CNC router formerly sold by Inventables known as the Shapeoko 2. This video shows the "works kit" which contains several upgrades. This is a highly capable machine and even includes free software Easel to produce your own designs with the Shapeoko. It is used to cut wood, plastics and soft metals out of solid sheet materials. apeoko-2 Table of Contents: Wheels & Idlers (starts just after intro) Carriages Z-Axis Gantry Y-Axis Work Area Electrical Wiring Note: wiring at then end of the video (43:05) should be the following. Green goes to ground, White goes to (N) Neutral, and Black goes to (L) Line. Kits sold BEFORE January, 30th 2015 were sold without following parts: Zip Wire - 30461-01: Spacers for gShield Enclosure - 25312-05: one Terminal Block - 25306-01: Extrusion for drag chain - 26047-01: ar#26047-01 M5 10mm BHCS (10 pack) for drag chain - 25286-01: M5 12mm BHCS (10 pack) for drag chain - 25286-02: Three (3) Extruision Bracket (Single Slot) - 26017-02: 7-02 M5 Insertion Nuts (10 pack)- 25281-02: 02

Machining a Gearbox Shaft
In this video, I machine a new gearbox shaft using some 4140 shafting material. I show you the process from start to finish, from setting up in the lathe, to milling the final keyway. Adam

Mazak Integrex Machining NASCAR Crankshaft from Solid - Addy Machinery
Many years ago now, Mazak and Addy Machinery developed this process of CNC machining complete from solid a NASCAR crankshaft. To have a custom crankshaft in just hours vs. months was a giant leap forward for racing teams, many of which now own Mazak Integrex technology to compete and win.

How its Made Engine Blocks
Follow us on Facebook Page: How its Made Engine Blocks Show created by Gabriel Hoss. The show is presented on the Science Channel in the US, Discovery Channel Canada in Canada, and on the Discovery Channel in the United Kingdom. To purchase DVDs of the show please visit the official "How It's Made" website: Fair Use Notice: For educational purposes only.