93 probe GT turbo KLDE/KLZE hybrid

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KLZE turbo side exhaust
I was rear ended last weeks and it destroyed my Exhaust piping. I threw this together with a Maganaflow straight through muffler and some scrap pipe I had left. It is by no means permanent but it sounds neat for the time being. Gotta get a new clutch ASAP. :(

1993 turbo probe gt with '97 Escort gears
Escort 3rd 4th & 5th w/ mx6 4.11 final drive makes for some very long gears

Turbo SS Vs Turbo probe Vs mazdaspeed 3 Vs Mach 1
turbo SS Vs turbo probe turbo SS Vs turbo Mazdaspeed 3 Mach 1 Vs turbo probe Mach 1 Vs turbo Mazdaspeed 3

probe gt v6 turbo
turbo probe