93 probe GT turbo KLDE/KLZE hybrid

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KLZE turbo side exhaust
I was rear ended last weeks and it destroyed my Exhaust piping. I threw this together with a Maganaflow straight through muffler and some scrap pipe I had left. It is by no means permanent but it sounds neat for the time being. Gotta get a new clutch ASAP. :(

1993 turbo probe gt with '97 Escort gears
Escort 3rd 4th & 5th w/ mx6 4.11 final drive makes for some very long gears

probe gt v6 turbo
turbo probe

Fully Built Turbo Ford Probe
turbocharged 2.5L V6 Ford Probe. 5857 Precision, Powersquirt EMS, Pauter Rods, JE Pistons, etc. 450whp @ 24 psi on 112 octane.