Renault Sherpa

Move aside Hummer H1, you're history. This thing dwarfs even that behemoth. Designed for military use and on order to NATO services now, Renault Trucks is making it available to buy for us mere civilians. Read the story here

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Renault Trucks Defense, ACMAT live demo _uk/renault_trucks_defense_and_acmat_live_demo_of_their_range_of_vehicles_t o_international_press_1906122.html Once again the companies Renault Trucks Defense and ACMAT showed their expertise in the design and manufacture of tactical and combat vehicles at the Defence & Security Exhibition Eurosatory 2012 by presenting to the worldwide military experts more than 40 different types of vehicles. Monday, June 18, 2012, the international press was invited to test vehicles in off-road conditions.

Vehículo "GAUCHO"
Video demostrativo del vehículo liviano de empleo general aerotransportable "Gaucho". La partida simbólica del Rally Dakar Argentina-Chile 2010 será el 1º de enero desde la ciudad de Buenos Aires. En dicha ceremonia, la procesión por la Avenida 9 de Julio estará encabezada por el vehículo militar Gaucho, desarrollo industrial conjunto entre los Ejército de Argentina y Brasil. Se trata de un vehículo todo terreno (4x4) de uso militar y civil.

VAB Mark3 Mk3 armoured vehicle personnel carrier Renault Trucks Defense uk/vab_mark_mk_3_mk3_wheeled_armoured_vehicle_personnel_carrier_technical_d ata_sheet_specifications_.html At Eurosatory 2012, the French Company Renault Trucks Defense manufacturer of armoured vehicle and military tactical trucks will unveil a new VAB 6x6 armoured personnel carrier named VAB Mark 3. This vehicle is not a simple upgrade, but it is a new vehicle design that is fully adapted to new threats on the battlefield such as IEDs and mine blast. The aim of this vehicle is to provide a replacement for the old BTR, M113 and VAB based on the design of a combat proven vehicle and a cheaper price. Renault Trucks Defense offers the vehicle in several versions as personnel carrier, ambulance, battlefield surveillance, mortar carrier, command post etc.

Iveco LMV Military 4x4
The official company video of Iveco Defence Vehicle's 4x4 Light Multirole Vehicle 'Designed to meet the challenges of an uncertain world'. The 190hp LMV is designed to protect its crew from a number of threats including armour-piercing bullets, shell splinters, mines and IEDs. Video up-loaded by Biglorryblog provided courtesy of copyright holder Iveco Defence Vehicles.