saturn racing a cop car

police man asks us too race him.we do and i have captured a short clip of this race.note---there is no sound but i will be getting a new camera soon-also subscribe i will capture a new video every week

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saturn beating a camaro
turbo saturn racing a Camaro

Teen Drag Racing Police car
Crazy funny teen drag racing a cop. Your odds are better at treasure island casino. In memory of the actor Chase Korte in this video who also did "Why walk 1000 miles". A truely inspiring and funny guy who Left his mark in this world. Truely missed. stand-off is the sequel for this video

Big Ass 4X4 Saturn Car in The Mud Pit Ed Camp at TheOutlawVideoSS BBQ
Ed and his son had a Good Time it looked like and he Loved Having them Here... Looks like snow this weekend so The Guys said they will come put on a show for me to video for you all stay tuned to some Crazy stuff coming up ....

Street Racing- Drag Race/Cop Chase
(OH SHIT COPS) Illegal Street Racing Drag Race ends with police