Ebay Turbo Grand Prix GT

02 Grand Prix turbo. I am using the following ebay parts: turbo, wastegate; BOV; Oil feed and return system ; turbo blanket. I am using Hp tuners. I am 880ft above sea level.

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Turbo GTP
friends 2002 gtp turbo conversion, half throttle tuned until bigger map sensor is added

500$ eBay Turbo Kit Unboxing
I open a $750 cxracing kit here!!! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaNMN5I-Fi8 In this video I open a 500 dollar ebay T3/T4 turbo kit. If you want to see this installed on our new project car please subscribe. Our new project is a 1991 Toyota Tercel that is completely gutted and will weigh less than 1500 pounds when finished. It has a 4-speed manual gearbox and a 1.5 liter 3e-e engine. We just want to have a super light, Boosted car that will catch people off guard at the strip and at the stop lights.

01 Grand Prix GT TURBO 525HP Max Speedo Run
01 GRAND PRIX GT -------------------------------- 525 BRAKE HP 15LBS Boost CUTOUT OPEN

Sleeper Turbo Civic vs EVO
Built on a budget Boosted EG coupe, D16z6 with vitara pistons & ebay turbo daily driven super sleeper. Evo with built transmission, raised Boost on factory turbo, and basic bolt ons.