Eclipse Vs Mustang

Arrancones Xmatkuil 2008

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Civic Sir Vs Chevy Nova
Arrancones Xmatkuil 2008

Eclipse GT Nitrous vs Cobalt SS Supercharged
Here's the truth guys!!!! the Cobalt is Supercharged and my Eclipse has a Zex Wet Nitrous Kit (50 shots) and the times are so slow cause they were having technical problems with the sensors down at the end of the track.

Crash Test: 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Crash Test: 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Front Test: GOOD Side Test: GOOD Rear Test: MARGINAL.

Eclipse GST v.s. 07 RX-8
eclipse, 3'downpipe, 3' Exhaust, front mount, ramhorn manifold, rx-8, 2.5' greddy Exhaust, ram air intake