Diaphragm clutch alignment How to do it without a tool just by eye no alignment tool needed

http://www.diy-dvds.com This is some information on how to line up your clutch plate prior to tightenting the pressure plate up to the flywheel. Its easy to do without the tool if you take your time by eye and using a socket you will probably have lying around the job. I explain a bit about the clutch and what to look for and youu see the gearbox go back on afterwards. Why does a clutch squeak? check the plate springs look at the flywheel condition check the gearbox input shaft. Tons more on the dvd at www.diy-dvds.com Filmed at Buzbys Garage Chingford E4

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The clutch job !
Thanks Adam ! Time to check the clutch before to drop in the engine. It could be dumb to have a toasted one and to not check it.

Front Wheel Drive car clutch replacement.
It gives a quite good idea of the job i think. : ) If you have a hydraulic set up ,flush it at the same time !

Dual-mass flywheel on a Volkswagen Golf TDI
A new clutch on a 1999 Volkswagen Golf TDI. Demonstrating the dual-mass flywheel.

Gearbox operation with clutch
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