2008 hayabusa helmet cam

this is about as close to a wooly mammoth riding a bike as youre going to see around chicago...only im not wooly.

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Turbo Hayabusa on the road helmet cam
My first attempt at useing the helmet cam on the road -Gives you an idea of how horrible the traffic is to ride around here. Thats why I always follow the speed limit. At one point a couple cars slowing way down wave me by so I carefully passed them otherwise a very nice law abiding little sprint. I did get pulled over for being pulled over he was very nice and you see him driving away a happy young man just doing his law abiding duty enforcing the great laws of our land.I just want to point out this video is NOT the way I usually ride. Someday I may put up a violent awe inspiring road crime video but for now this was meant to show just how swful it can be riding a 300 horse power motorcyle around in heavy tourist traffic infested wiht cops and sport bike haters with cell phones.

06 gsxr 1000 at track with helmet cam vs hayabusa
06 gsxr 1000 at track with helmet cam vs gsxr1300 hayabusa

Review of Trax Alu-Box on Gen II 2008 Hayabusa
Product review of Trax Alu-Box panniers by SW-Motech. I purchased the "bags" and mounting racks from TwistedThrottle.com I have logged nearly 10,000 miles since installation. The alu-boxes are a snap to take on and off, and are perfect for long distance touring. As noted by some other folks on YouTube, they are NOT waterproof, they will allow a little bit of water to seep in around the seams.

Let's go pick up some set screws! 2012 Hayabusa Helmet Camera
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