2008 hayabusa helmet cam

this is about as close to a wooly mammoth riding a bike as youre going to see around chicago...only im not wooly.

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2008 hayabusa @ byron, 11-2009
rearfacing camera, not happy about the wheelie.

Let's go pick up some set screws! 2012 Hayabusa Helmet Camera
http://www.markerbids.com : Check out Mike's new website! http://www.facebook.com/techpb : Go "like" our Facebook Page! http://www.techpb.com : Check out our HUGE forum! meh, too much paintball.... let's go ride!! My favorite place to pick up set screws for paintball guns... Ace Hardware!

hayabusa acceleration
check out the digital gear display

Hero Helmet Cam! turbo hayabusa gsxr907@yahoo.com
Hahn turbo stage 1 trac arm turbo pistons 6psi on pump gas