Eclipse Gst Vs Infiniti g35

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Eclipse GST Head Build with BIG cam - Runs against S13 and 335i
Eclipse gst that was my first car. See Dyno video: See Build Video: Blew the rings out of the motor running a built Camaro. Decided to build head while motor was down. Ported everything myself. Running BC 280 cams. They sound pretty good for a 4 cylinder. Run against the roommates 240sx that I helped build(cant help him shift though) Friends 335i that is FBO (full bolt on) is a nasty little DD. Fed the need for one! If you like the video please thumbs up.

Eclipse GST v.s. 07 RX-8
eclipse, 3'downpipe, 3' Exhaust, front mount, ramhorn manifold, rx-8, 2.5' greddy Exhaust, ram air intake

Golf Gti vs Eclipse GST
Uma brincadeirinha para dar rizada... o video foi editado nĂ£o reproduz a realidade...

Mitsubishi Eclipse GST vs Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G
Modded Mitsubishi Eclipse GST vs Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G - Running from a dig and from a roll. All races were pretty even. It was a bit cold that night and the tires were cold so it was hard for both cars to hook on the dig race. The Eclipse would be a lot faster if tuned (lucky me it isn't). More races after a couple of mods to both cars...