B18C5 EG at 10k rpms

This is an old video I dug up. Brings back good memories. B18C5 with TODA valvetrain in the head.

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Girl driven Integra type R B18C5 vs RSX-S
Girl driven and raced Integra type R vs RSX-S

10k rpm, 1991 Civic Si (EF hatchback) B18C5 type R swap, toda spec C cams, hytech header
This is me doing a little bit of tuning on the Dyno at Mainstream. I think I had the ATS 4.9 final drive and ATS LSD in the car at this time also. I currently have toda itb's on the car as well as ATS 1,3,4,5 close ratio gearset. I'm going to be switching to a jackson racing / eaton m62 for autox this year.

B-Series All Motor EG Vs K-Series All Motor TypeR
His Honda is in Honda Tuning magazine JUNE 2012 issue article Restomod Heat Seeker Some Videos of my buddys Real Honda Integra TypeR With DC5 TypeR Swap K20A Vs My EG Hatch With a B-Series

B18c5 Type -R Dyno
I wanted to try the big tube replica header... and I don't think it's works well with my setup. I'm not happy with it. I made same power with my ITR header and little more torque too and on my Dyno chart my powerband dips around 6200 then comes back up around 7000, my motor never did that so I will retune to fix that. 205 whp 133tq. Head: Supertech valvetrain Skunk2 Tuner 2 cams