Ford F350 Truck Burnout

Great burnout from a Ford F350 Pickup truck at Truckwarz in Michigan The JeffNetwork - CarWarz - CarWarzTheShow - MudWarz60 - ParkWarz - BikeWarz -

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Everyone loves a Good Burnout.. Unfortunately they don't always go according to plan with Tyre Fires, Rods Out or the dreaded Wall Hit.. Here's a compilation of some of the best action I've filmed over the past 12 months...

Gas Station BURNOUT PARTY at LS Fest
This has to be the coolest gas station owner ever! The owner of a local Raceway gas station in Bowling Green, KY hosted a burnout party with free beer and cigars, we were there for a couple of hours before the police stopped by for a 4th time and decided we were getting a little too rowdy! If you're in Bowling Green, KY stop by the Raceway just off Hwy 231 and I-65 and shake his hand!

Chevy vs Ford Awesome Burnouts
2005 Ford F350 diesel with 35" Kumho Road Venture M/T's, and a 2002 Chevy 1500 5.3L With 33" Toyo Open Country M/T's

Local bought a new truck for him 09 f350 4x4 crew . He came upon a couple young men stuck next to the surf line . He hooked up a chain [first mistake] and proceeded to bury his truck right next to the tide line . Rule of thumb never ever use a chain to tow on the beach . you can use a tow strap but in my opinion they are junk . The best tow rope on the market double braded samsonite . We call it Coast Guard rope . I helped the small gm 4x4 out of the surf line .