how to turbo your honda over the weekend

UPDATE: for all those who think this method means the motor wont last, here is a video from friday april 5th 2013 of the car still running strong, its been over a year and around 10k miles of hard beating. UPDATE: ALSO CHECK OUT MY SECOND VIDEO ON HOW TO turbo YOUR HONDA you can see it here this video shows the steps to turbo your honda in a couple days with upgraded internals and not removing the engine or doing any machine work. also for those saying you need to do some sort of easy break in period i think you need to read this article , the old fashioned ways are long gone

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how to turbo your honda follow up
small follow up with proof the methods used in my how to videos works and the motors can last.

Honda Civic eBay Turbo Install and Test Drives
I install a cx racing turbo kit on my B18 eg civic. It was pretty fun, definitely not a bolt on kit. I did gloss over some stuff but it was just basic Exhaust work and gauge install. The main turbo kit issues I had are in the video. Some things had to be modified but it is working great! Good enough to put my clutch to bed. Parts List: cxracing turbo kit Glowshift Boost and oil pressure gauges Glowshift sandwich plate AEM UEGO wideband Glowshift pillar pod AEM 340 fuel pump FIC 775 cc fuel injectors Chipped p28 ecu tuned with crome MOATES Burn2 chip burner Ebay baffled 4 port catch can HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded air filter and a bunch of little nuts,bolts, wires, fuses, AN fittings and silicone.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Car For Turbocharging
5 Ways To Get Your Car Ready For A turbocharger/Supercharger Why The VW VR6 Is Dying - Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! - Humble Mechanic - You could slap an Ebay turbocharger on your ride and call it a day, or, you could do it the right way. In this video Humble Mechanic and I walk through the many different steps and components which should be addressed when installing a turbocharger (or Supercharger). turbo, Intercooler, oil cooling, fuel injectors, fuel pump, ECU mapping/chipping, cooling, spark plugs, compression ratio, and so on! Don't forget to check out my other pages below! Facebook: Official Website: Twitter: Instagram: Car Throttle: EE Extra: NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!

how to turbo your honda version 2
second video i did showing how to turbo a b series swapped crx with out removing the motor and using upgraded rods and pistons. in this video we deal with determining bore size and checking bearing tolerances. also check out my first video on how to turbo your honda over the weekend.