Volvo FH16 truck on a verry small road in Norway.

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LKW fährt durchs Trögerner Klamm
Auf der Trogener Landesstraße fährt ein LKW durch die enge Straße... Kärnten/Österreich. Mit einem Android Smartphone aufgenommen! Trogener Landsstraße, Trögern, Koord.: 46.460965,14.503625

Volvo FH16 truck on a extrem small road in Norway
Volvo FH16 660 whit tank semi trailer on a very bad norwegian road.

Truck Fail
thats funny - The length is not 0:00 it's a bug

Pete 359 Classic Takeoff
THIS IS IN CANADA just so y'all know. My brother's 1987 Peterbilt 359 Classic workin' in the bush near vassar, mb. sweet smoke! wish mine could do that. It has a 3406B block Cat 425. Oh and a big thanks to you tuber tod3k for giving us the new name for this truck..... "Old Smokey Jerk!" Cheers!