Fire Trucks Responding

Just a bunch of random rigs from the past few years!/NozzleNutPhotography

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Arctic Hobby Land Rider 503 RC Firetruck Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips This thing is hilarious. It not only drives forward and back (with siren and lights) but it also has full functionality of the ladder (extend, rotate, up/down) AND a water pistol attached to the end of the ladder!

Fire truck. Incendio de camión en AP-68 Arrigorriaga. Incendio de camión en AP-68 Arrigorriag

Roosevelt engine 3 responding during Irene
Roosevelt engine rolls out for one of many calls during Hurricane Irene as the firehouse itself floods.

Dieser Film zeigt die Feuerwehr von der Alamierung bis zum Einsatz.